how much will it cost me?


You may be thinking why is there no prices on the website? Well there is a simple answer to this, not one customer requirements are the same as another’s. If you need pens in 48 hours (yes this is possible) these are likely to cost more than if you need them in 3 weeks. Or you may only want to purchase 36 personalized mugs not all manufactures will supply a quantity of 36 but we can.

With the knowledge, skills and experience of the promotional manufacturing base we will always aim to quote the best prices available without compromising on product, quality or service.


what are the lead times?


Lead times can vary considerably for different product. On average they are 10 working days, however we have a great selection of products available on a 5 day lead time, we can do pens in 36 hours and we have done mouse mats in 24 hours! So the best thing to do is ask can we do it. It is a rare thing if we can’t!


is there a minimum order value/quantity?


We aim to get you what you want within a budget however there are costs that are pretty standard. There is generally a minimum print and set up cost which would apply whether you want a quantity of 5 or 100 pieces of an item. We do not set a minimum quantity or value so please ask for what you want and will endeavour to get it.


what about samples?


In the majority of cases we aim to supply free of charge samples, we want you to be able to see the products prior to purchasing. We would too if we were spending our hard earned cash! However in some cases we will charge or ask you to return them once you have finished with them.


can you branding products?


Most products can be branded to your requirements. This will vary depending upon the detail required. There are products that can be digitally printed and others that can only have a single colour print. Some products have small print areas others have many large print areas, we know what products to choose to help you get your image/logo where you want it. If you let us have as much information as possible at time of the enquiry we will get you the ideal product that will fit your requirements.


can you help with my artwork?


Furry Dice works very closely with our local studio who will create artwork for our customers we do not charge any extra for this service, we only charge what we are invoiced, which is great news for you and helps us provide a complete service. Many of our existing customers do supply their own artwork we only ask that it is in a format that can be used by many varying different print techniques. Let’s not get bogged down with this now we can discuss this at ordering stage.


storage and fullfillment services


Not many of our customers ask for this service but we do offer it, we have done it, please ask